CMS Made Simple eCommerce

Okay. I really don’t care what CMS software I use, I just need one that is super basic and simple.

Right now I’m using CMS Made Simple (, and I need a “shopping” module that allows me to put items in more than one category (which I did find – but all I need it to do is list the items with a name, description, photo, and price (well, and an “add to cart” button, but I’m sure I can figure that part out). That is all. The one I found looks promising, but I know very little about programming, is anyone familiar with this program that can help me out?

Yes, I realize that I should prolly post on their forums, but, quite frankly, I’m new at this and I trust this place more.

Also, if anyone knows a CMS that they think would work better, or one that is really simple, like I said above, I don’t mind trying it out. I just get confused real easy.

I’m sure creating my own database would be the easiest way to accomplish what I want… so when I learn PHP I’ll let y’all know.

Magento is a great e-commerce solution BUT isn’t it a bit complicated for most end users to actually use properly?

I use magento, there is a free community version of it and it has a good default template and if that doesn’t suit you, you can search on google for magento templates and there are plenty of them. good luck.


I am also a supporter for Magento for E-commerce website.

Okay, I’ll look into it - thanks guys :slight_smile: