CMS learnig

I want to learn content management system(CMS). What is the easy way and site to learn cms.

Surely you know the answer to that, right? Each CMS has a website and tons of other resources for learning them. So read about the features of each one, pick on that suits your needs, and get learning. :slight_smile:

pretty sure there is no easy way.
check youtube for tutorials, and of course lots of help here.

& of course.

Thank you for your suggestion.I will try my best to buildup a cms site.

Lucky for you my friend there are a lot of resources for you lean CMS. Perhaps too many to list here (and new ones are added as we speak). There are blogs that can teach these, especially the SEO and software tutorial sites. They can even expound CMS for more practical solutions. But I think video tutorials teach it better. Search YouTube for this.

Go for online tutorials and start practicing the things step by step. And for any problems and queries there are a lot of online help desks available. You can take help from them too.

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