CMS in static website

Hi guys, I’ve just completed a site for a client and it is a static build with html/css.

The client would now like to have a back-end system where they can update the text on the site on certain pages. (not images)

The thing is, I they don’t want to move over to a CMS as such and my PHP skills are very limited.

Is there a way to implement such a system if it can be done? with free PHP scripts or is there something I can read up on how to go about creating such a system?

Thanx is another to look at :slight_smile:

Thank You so much for your reply ralph.m - I will be looking at these options in depth!


There are lots of good options here, that don’t involve any PHP knowledge. Various systems let you defined editable regions on an otherwise static page. Some of these solutions are hosted online, such as SurrealCMS, [URL=“”]CushyCMS and [URL=“”]PageLime. But in my opinion, a better solution is [URL=“”]Perch. You upload some files on your own server and have complete control over them, which I really like. It’s very easy to set up, and Perch has great online help.