CMS for a travel website

Budget constraints (meaning they could not find anyone better) have led me to be assigned the task of developing a website for a travel company specializing in packages (air + hotel + sightseeing etc). It needs to be something that could be modified easily and can feature image-rich content that can be searched, ordered etc (read database driven).

Now, the only problem is that I know diddly squat about code and programming; at best, all I can do is cut and paste some code from somewhere :eye:

So I thought a CMS (preferably something that can be installed by Fantastico or Softaculous) that would have a flattish learning curve may do the trick and no one will be the wiser.

Question - does such a beast exist?

Use textpattern - its pretty easy and you can build anything from blogs to portals with it. You can even have PHP code inside the templates.

I almost always suggest Wordpress when someone mentions needing a CMS, but your comment about data being searched and “ordered” makes me think you may need something more.

You might be able to adapt a theme like “classipress” to let them list their vacation packages, but their may be something better and I’d take a look at or maybe hotscripts too and see what’s out there.

Also, ask them if there are any travel sites they like the look/operation of (besides the obvious major sites that cost millions to develop) and see if you can find out what they’re using to manage their listings. Chances are someone offers a solution for smaller travel agents to let them offer packages for sale online.


I would suggest Drupal or ExpressioneEngine to you as both would be adequate tools to do what you have described. However, the problem, as you pointed out, is that you can’t code. That is going to be a deal breaker with pretty much every solid CMS as they all have a respectable learning curve and require for you to know what you’re doing.

Well try joomla they have a pretty good cms and you can code in it

Considering your experience level Wordpress would easily do the trick and be very easy to maintain in the long run.

true… imho wordpress is the best CMS available on the market… I tried joomla & drupal & netcat & lots of other stuff… but my own blog is still using wordpress

If you start with Wordpress, you should know some hack to this Cms to modify it’s core, it’s hard but when you done, Wordpress will made you easy in manything, especially in SEO. But if you want more powerful Cms, i recomend Drupal to you, yes It’s seem nothing can’t do with Drupal :slight_smile:

I use Wordpress and Drupal.

Wordpress is easy for the inexperienced and still powerful but it does have limitations. Drupal can do almost anything you can want a CMS to do but it has a steep learning curve.