CMS for a Membership/Directory/Ecommerce Site?

What is the best option as far as CMS for a website with all of this?

And how much would you charge for a site with all of this? I’m a bit lost with estimating this one…

ExpressionEngine is quite good for the first two requirements you addressed. For eCommerce, you’d have to get a third-party add-on such as cartthrob or [URL=“”]BrilliantRetail.

thanks! EE is what I was leanin towards but now that you said that I think I will go with that. Are those the 2 best ecommerce opttions for EE?

Each is different, so it’s best to check out what each offers and which best suits your need. In many ways, a new one, (rather unimaginatively) called Store, is really good, so worth considering. There are some nice membership addons, too, depending on what you want to do with membership. You can search all the addons at the [URL=“”]Devot:ee site.

iii, EE doesn’t have many eCommerce add-ons but they’re all good in their own right. I’d read up on each of the ones mentioned in this thread and see which one comes closest to your requirements. They’re all good, however, as are most EE add-ons.