CMS + E-commerce with multi option products

Sorry had posted this under Ecommerce but did not find a method to move the thread to CMS so reposting it here.

I have checked out various options for CMS + Ecommerce so in the long run which is stable and cost effective and has options for multiple variations for a product.

I was thinking between either Joomla 2.5 + Virtuemart or Wordpress and Woocommerce. Or is there any other platform which would be able to achieve this in an easier manner? I am mostly comfortable with Wordpress so any solution related to that would be best.

The products are just around 4 products - but each product has a wide range of variations as its customized. The product in question is a custom box making which has the following options

  1. Material > eg. wood, ply, abc, xyz
  2. Color > around 100 different colour options (costing varies between different colours and the size so it should allow calculation based on size + colour)
  3. Size > Different sizes for different products. One has Width X Height. Other has Length X Breadth X Height. Third is multi dimensional and has odd sizes (which needs manual calculation so price should come > Will be mentioned). Also I do not need to mention each size. Like it should have size say 8ft X 4 ft then any size up to that is charged same. so if someone says 4 ft X 4 ft or 8 ft X 4 ft rate is same)
  4. Material inner > Like different types of inner cloth > (costing varies between different cloth and the size so it should allow calculation based on size + cloth material)

Which ecommerce solution is best given my above requirements. I need one which is stable and easy to maintain in the long run. I do not wish to spend 1000s of dollars on plugins so preferably a one time cost of getting the plugins and which is fully GPL based so we can modify any plugins etc as required.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Have you looked at Drupal Commerce and in particular the Commerce Kickstart edition?

I’ve been building eCommerce shops for 10+ years and I’ve used many, many methods from homegrown code to x-cart, ubercart, as well as hosted solutions, etc… and I am blown away by the flexibility afforded by Drupal Commerce. I’m a little excited about Drupal Commerce just at the moment because I just launched a client’s site with it yesterday. We didn’t need all of the features that were available right out of the box so I spent some time reconfiguring to simplify it but I could definitely see how it could be used for products with many variations.

Being as flexible and extensible as it is, there is a lot to get a handle on but they have excellent videos teaching all aspects of it. Product variations are well accommodated for but what I was really interested in is the order management part of it with everything from order management (in cart, checked out, paid, pending, complete), shipping calculators, free shipping rules, etc…

Disclosure: I’ve been developing in Drupal for 6+ years so I’m pretty comfortable with setting up, configuring and theming (applying custom designs to) the platform. I think it is quite user friendly at this point (Version 7) and my clients seem to be able to jump right in and take the reigns but everyone has different experiences and expectations so mileage may vary.

Info is here:

Hello @awasson Thank you for your response. I had used Drupal a couple of years and that was the only time I used it. The customizations were a bit different than what I am used to with Wordpress and Joomla.
The clients current site is based on wordpress so the client is comfortable with WP or Joomla. Will need to study the commerce kickstart for Drupal and check that out too. But at this point I think I would be more comfortable with either WP or Joomla so any thoughts whether the above combinations help achieve my requirements? Thanks

Well unless you are willing to try something new all you will ever end up at is what you’re comfortable with which isn’t necessarily good or bad. However, at that point the question pretty much answers itself. Just write your own Joomla component or Wordpress module to achieve the clients desired functionality. If the clients budget does not allow for that than perhaps they need to lower their expectations of what can be delivered on their current budget without custom programming.

Thanks @oddz I can understand what you are telling that a CMS might be good for one type of site but might not work for another. I had knowledge of Joomla + Virtuemart and Wordpress and Woocommerce / ecommerce so I was just wondering if something like that is possible because I have not tried something like that because mostly its multiple options and the pricing is done.