CMS: client wants to upload PDFs

Hello everyone. I have a client that would like to have a list of PDF links, where he would like to be able to upload new, or overwrite PDFs and change the link names etc. I checked out and saw that they can upload images by browsing their computers, but could not get an exact idea of whether I could set it up so that they can upload new, and overwrite old PDFs along with changing the link text.

Does anyone know if Simple CMS or any other CMS will allow that functionality? Thank you. :slight_smile:

So let me get this right, the client wants to be able to upload the PDFs and then edit the PDFs online?

If it is just managing say something like an instruction manual where there should only be one master copy regardless of revision, the easiest way is to ensure that the PDF link remains the same and replace the PDF with the same name via FTP. You obviously have to ensure that the file names are exactly the same, but this removes any need for keeping multiple copies and you can be sure that the document linked is almost the most up-to-date version.

As for editing PDFs online, I would’ve thought that as a move this is more risky. Keeping master versions of documents I always take the opinion, should be kept and edited locally before heading out to the internet. I guess that is mostly because I’ve worked with PDFs for a gazzilion years now and the tools we use are locally based. But from a conceptual point of view it also means if the cloud wigs out and deletes my files I’ve got copies and backups to work from.

Someone else will likely give you an answer on any online editing service/software.

So let me get this right, the client wants to be able to upload the PDFs and then edit the PDFs online?

Actually not edit online. Basically they want to be able to have a list of links to PDFs. Then, if a PDF should be changed, and they want to re-upload a new version, they can do it in the CMS rather than send it to me to FTP. I’d rather have them be able to do that in the CMS rather than an FTP client because they are not savvy. I contacted Simple CMS and they did say that they will be able to upload links and add links off their computer.

Yea if it is just managing links then I’d imagine most CMS can easily handle. I’m a WordPress user myself. I find that system a very friendly community and easily extended by a large amount of easily available plugins. If Simple CMS is anything like WP or Joomla or Drupal it is pretty core functionailty you are talking about. CMS = Content Management System so if they can’t handle text, docs, audio and video with ease then they’re doing it wrong :slight_smile:

Client logins should be able to be made and the administration limited to what they are allowed to upload and edit. Means you can give them a tailored login to just upload or replace a file. Sometime the links are managed in a 2 stage process (unlike a straight FTP swap), you upload the file and then link the file to the download button for example. Often this means that the first PDF is still stored on the system and isn’t automatically replaced, even if it has the same name. The simplicity of an FTP situation is that files CAN’T have the same names so if you upload directly to your server via FTP it will be overwritten.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. The CMS largely try to catch everything and make it easy to link content, FTP won’t hold your hand but gives more direct control over files on the server (note: this also means deleting and making a huge mess really easily so check those setting before letting a client go near this - oh and bulletproof your backup system!)

Yes, the ability to upload a PDF file is one of the most basic functions of a CMS. A quick look at the SimpleCMS makes me feel strongly that you should check out other options. There are lots of great CMSes out there … and I’m not convinced this is one of them. If you want a hosted solution like this, you are better off checking out something like Squarespace or Webvanta.