Club package

Hi, I volunteered to help start a club site and it has quickly grown, an oops by another person on facebook generated a good half days worth of emails for people wanting to join. So my time frame slimmed from months to days. And I am starting to wonder why I should reinvent the wheel.

Can anyone recommend a club package (maybe include hosting), php/mysql based?

The whole pay for membership to get access, forums, email lists, sell merchandise, etc.


Hi Michelle, you will probably want to be looking at a complete solution like Joomla which has all the modules pre-written and a thriving support community.
Be warned though that some of the add ons are written by ‘public’ users and are not always up to standard!

Hosting wise, most hosts would be able to handle PHP/MySql or other dynamic languages now as part of their basic packages.
I personally use or - UK based hosts.

Have a look on our hosting boards for recommendations.#