CloudFlare Announced Universal SSL, Will it help in SEO?

I have never used CloudFlare CDN before, But heard lots of Good about it. as a subscriber of CF, Recently I got a mail from CloudFlare titled: Introducing Universal SSL: security for your website at no cost!

It was quite interesting for me to join CF, But before joining with CloudFlare, I’d like to be sure that, Will it actually help in SEO or just another promotional method?

Also please tell me that If cloudflare helps in SEO or SEO drop?

Thanks in Advance…

How do you get “SEO” out of reading that title?

And why do you think that where content is pulled from would have any effect on SEO in the first place?

Inside the content, They wrote:

Aside from keeping your web traffic safe from snooping and tampering, having SSL on your site may help boost your Google search rankings.

Has nothing to do with CloudFare, They’re just responding to Google’s announcement that HTTPS sites will get a small boost in SEO rankings. But even their own analysis says that boost will only affect 1% of the searches being done. Focus on quality content, that’s where your SEO help will come in.

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CF is going to activate universal SSL for all free and paid members.

Really? You seem to know quite a lot about it. :wink:

You’re welcome in our community, but please don’t promote CloudFlare any further.


Hi Hawak, You are very clever and thanks for pointing this up.

Anyway, I think you’ve misunderstood. Because, I haven’t written I am using CloudFlare or even used. Nor here, Neither there. Am I? Obviously not…!

If you Think, I am promoting CloudFlare, You are wrong! Here I started this topic because I already found similar topic here Does Using CloudFlare Have Any Impact on SEO and thought I will know something more about CloudFlare’s SSL and if they has any impact on SEO.

Notwithstanding, The post you just read in my blog, That’s just a Tutorial and I hold an account at CloudFlare but never applied it to any of my blogs.

Hope you understand now…

Yup, understood.Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

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