Closures pre PHP 5.3?

Is it possible to use closures in PHP4 or PHP5 since about no shared hosting providers have 5.3 installed?

This is my code:

class dk_actions_called{
    private $funcs = array(
        'wp_head' => 0
    function __construct(){
        add_action('init', array(&$this,'init'));
    public function init(){
        //Can we use anonymous functions (supported in PHP 5.3+)?
        if(phpversion() < 5.3){
            //Loop through the functions and add the actions
            foreach($this->funcs as $f => $v){
                add_action($f, call_user_func(create_function('$t,$f', 'return create_function(null, \\'$t->func_called($f);\\');'), &$this, $f), 999);
            $t = &$this; //See
            foreach($this->funcs as $f => $v){
                add_action($f, function() use (&$t,$f){$t->func_called($f);} , 999);
    public function func_called($f){
        echo '"'.$this->funcs[$f].'"';

The 5.3 closure works okay, but the pre 5.3 closure doesn’t - I get the error “Call to a member function func_called() on a non-object”. I realise this is due to the way PHP deals with inner functions - it would be created in the global namespace, and so not be able to see the variables of its ‘parent’.

What I don’t know is if there is a way to get round this?