Closing a 'floating' div without going back to default div


I have a div that opens dynamically, with jQuery, thus


then when I close it I do


this #extra-info div can open on top of any of the divs I hide & show dynamically on the page; but I do need the current div to stay when I close #extra-div (which is positioned absolutely and floats on top of all other content), not go back to default div… I don’t understand why it hides current div and goes back to default div when I close this #extra-div

thank you…

oh my gosh, never mind… (sorry, I figured it out just after I posted this…)

“close” link has to not be <a>, otherwise it autom reloads the pg (or something like that) I just made it an img (since img has “click” event handler… it better work in IE6…:wink: