Client's Site, Flash or PHP CMS?


I have a client which has a site built in Flash.

I would like to convince him to move away from Flash and go with ExpressionEngine or any other CMS.

Can you guys list the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining a Flash Website vs a PHP CMS ?

So far i found this article at

here is what his main points are:

My top four reasons for not creating a Flash only website:

  1. Limited search engine visibility.
  2. Harder to update because you have to crack open Flash source files.
  3. Harder to find Flash developers/designers than it is HTML/CSS nerds.
  4. Apple’s iPhone and iPad can’t see Flash.

Depending on the accessibility laws in the UAE, accessibility might be an important point for him as well. While he may not care about accessibility in and by itself, he could face fines for not having an accessible website.

His site was last made in 2003 and hasnt been updated since 2007.

All he is interested in to regularly post his articles which are in tons.

The reasons above should be more than enough to convince them a large percentage of visitors cannot either “see or use” a Flash site, which are typically large in file size and not very visible to search engines.

Basically tell them if its Flash only they’ll lose customers, waste money in unnecessary maintenance costs - find it hard to update - and create accessibility barriers thus excluding and alienating a “large percentage” of users/visitors, etc.

Thanks alot guys. You have been quite helpful :slight_smile: