Client's private server goes slow on Mac Browsers

My client’s self housed hardware serves web pages slow to browsers on Mac OS computers. Windows and PC based machines no problem. We are talking in the 10 minuet range to load a site. This happens with, php and even phpmyadmin.

The new server administrator claims it’s my joomla site with it’s many style sheets and javascript calls that is slowing the load-time down. He has recommended a number of changes. And yes, The load time on Mac OS browsers has been cut in half, that is to say it now only takes 5 minuets to load a page, the trade off being a significant loss of functionality.

I suspect the outgoing administrator of placing some malwhere that slows down for Mac OS browsers. Am I just being paranoid?

Does any one know why a Windows based IIS server running off a T1 connection would run slower on Mac OS browsers?

Not offhand, but I would use whatever the mac equivalent of fiddler is to do some investigating, sounds real odd, might be something you can’t see. And we have tried 2 different macs here, right?

Also, have you tried a different browser on the mac to see if it is aiming for Safari?

Yes, the new admin sent a test out to at least ten people at least one of which ran it on a Mac in Opera, all reported slow (3 minuets plus) load times.

sounds real odd, might be something you can’t see.

I suspect the out going tech left some malicious code that detects Mac’s and slows down the feed. He was in charge of security, He was a little upset to loose the gig. He had opportunity. He had motive. Call CSI Windows! When I say this out-loud in a room I sound like a crazy person.

What words do I use to get them off my Joomla code and start looking at their servers?

Install Chrome and check your network tab while the page loads (or install Firefox with the HTTPFox plugin installed and enabled). Those will show you if the hold-up is browser-related, and will also allow you to investigate at the HTTP level. If the hold-up is HTTP, you can do some further investigation on the server side. Sounds suspicious to me.

Theres nothing going on like the process being proxied is there? Soemthing set up on the browser to direct traffic via a prxy?

5 minutes, that seems an awfully long time for a web page to load - and i’d have expected something to timeout before then.

I’d suggest trying another browser on the machine / another mac completely seperate to confirm which way around things are being funny.