Client's keywords are TOO niche for Adwords!

Hi guys,
Im looking for some advice. A client has a service/product that is too niche! They want an Adwords campaign setup, but I cant find any keywords that are relevant to them that generates any traffic.

The client offers a product which measures the weight of lighting and sound rigs. This is very important due to safety at public events (the crowd dont want a sound rig falling on their heads!). Noone is searching for any terms that are relevant to this (Ive done lots of keyword and competitor research). Shall I look for keyword that are based around lighting/sound rigs (“shackles”, “lighting rigs”, “hanging points”, “lighting bar” etc…) and then make mention of “weighing system for lighting rigs” in the ad copy? Surely this would just increase the impressions with no clicks because people searching for “shackles” probably arent going to be looking for a system that measures the load on a shackle.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions offered.

This is one of the problems I’ve always had with our company outsourcing it’s PPC campaigns.

A big component of PPC campaigns are constructing a detailed keywork list. For sites which are very niche, it’s almost impossible you’ll be able to develop a keywork list better than a company could internally.

For example, we run a boat anchoring website. There’s no way I could expect you to know that Windlass Rode HT is a good search term but Windlass Rode BBB is not or that Anchor Rope is great but boat rope is not. It’s just nuances in our industry that take years to discover.

So here’s a couple of thoughts:

  1. There’s no way you can generate a list without more involvement from the client than you would normally expect.

  2. You must consider the option that the client’s industry is too niche to be successful with a PPC campaign.

PPC campaigns work great when the customer knows what they are searching for. Your client’s product sounds like it’s a “Wow, I didn’t even know this existed” product." PPC campaigns aren’t going to work great in this case.

Their existing campaign is full of keywords with really low QS. Is it best to pause this until I get some better keywords in there? I read somewhere that its best to leave an Adgroup running even if the QS is low, becasue at least its building up a history with Google. However, Im that the low QS is having a negative impact on the rest of the account. What do you think?

Something with ‘safety’ in combination to those keywords?
And who would be interested in such a devise? How would they search for it? Maybe you can call some of these companies and ask them?

Maybe you could search for some competitors and use their name as a keyword!!! :wink:

I think seeing the paths that people are taking to reach their site is very important. If people are searching for safety and end up there then that might be an avenue to take.

Have a look through the sites server logs to see what search terms people are using to get to the site.

It may be that “keyword tools” just haven’t picked up anything, or the area is so specialised that Adwords may not even work if the target audience is relatively small.

Agreed. Though you should definitely have your client’s company name and competitors (as mentioned earlier). Maybe move the PPC budget over to media buys for sites about sailing, boating, etc? You’ll definitely be hitting the right audience, even though the traffic might not be as targeted as you hope.

Hi guido2004, I am going to see if the client has some contacts in the targetted industry so they can ask what they woudl search for. Good idea on including ‘safety’ in the keywords, Ill plug it into Keyword Tool and see what ideas it comes back with.