Clients cancel logo work but shud i still contact to get website done

Hi all,

I have a question that been bothering me.last year i posted a comment on facebook advertising my website services with a free logo i got some good results people contacting me .

i had one particular client who i had did some work for he asked me about that logos which i outsourced to a company i used to use but not anymore.

i got them to register their domain for their company but even though they did not like my logos i got done by outsourcing the logo work to a 3rd party even though he was getting the website done for free.

i was wondering would it be worth while helping them get their website online even though they did not like the designs i had the 3rd party to do at the current time as i was going to do a revision of the designs of second lot of mockups?

what i mean is 1st 3 mock ups he did not like i was going to do another 3 mock ups till he was happy with the the design but he changed his mind re this.

Wait, you said the logo was free but they had to pay for website. Now the website is free as well?

As for your question, it depends on how much money is at steak. If it’s not a lot of money I’d leave it be as the client sounds like more trouble than they’re worth. If it’s a lot money it’s worth considering but I’d still impose some clear boundaries on what is to be expected to be done and -more importantly- what is not.


the website was free however but since they did not like the logos i did they cancel the contract all together.

and since i got them to register the domain for their site it looks like they have done nothing with that domain i was thinking of going and contacting them and see if they were be interested in getting their website online for their brand.

IMHO, you should first rethink your business plan and put together a solid contract so that you can be compensated for at least some of your effort.

As I understand, the current model is:
“pay for my website and get a free logo. you then outsource the logo. if they don’t like the logos and / or the site mockups, you’re out whatever you paid for the logos”

I don’t know, but that sounds a bit foobar to me.

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If they weren’t interested before and cancelled the contract I don’t see why they would be interested again now. If I you were you I’d either leave it be, or contact them reminding them of the domain name and if they maybe want to transfer it somewhere else.

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