Client wants me to create a simple web game. Which is best? HTML5? Flash? Jquery?

Hi all,
I have a client that wants us to develop a simple web game for posting on their website. The client wants us to create a game where you have to try to match a photo with a foreign language word. Or, try to match the military rank with the text. Something simple like that.

What programming language do you all recommend we learn to create these simple games? HTML5? Jquery? Flash? Are there many demo scripts available for one of these languages that we can customize and use on our website without having to re-invent the wheel?

Thanks for any pointers you can provide!

If this is some type of homework assignment then you could use any of those technologies. But if it’s for a real world application then I would use a combination of xhtml/html4, css2 and javascript.

The biggest problem with Flash is that it isn’t supported by any iDevices, so you’re losing a huge chunk of potential users, particularly mobile users, if you rely on Flash.

HTML5 is dangerous for real-world deployment, as the specs aren’t finalised, and browser support is variable.

Javascript probably gets it by default!

Is what you are looking for (as a JavaScript example of how to do it)?

We want to deploy this game on a real-world website that has thousands of visits a week.

Felgall, your link is very close to what I have in mind. So, you think javascript is the best way to go? Is javascript the most reliable language with the widest range of compatibility among users today?

If its a simple word game, standard javascript should work. Use jQuery and build it yourself that way you can have the game displayable on mobile devices as well.