Client sent me last minute items they want on the homepage

A client sent me last minute items they want on the homepage; a barely customizable music widget and an image I should’ve gotten weeks ago. It’s pretty annoying. I mean, I think no matter what they’ll be satisfied but it’s at the expense of the website looking as strong as it could.

How do you all deal with last minute changes from the client that may weaken the design? Or maybe how do you deal with the potentially weak design preferences of the client? Not to suggest the client is wrong but when you foresee design problems and they don’t care or agree, what do you do?

I suppose you let them learn from their mistakes, or exercise your professional skills.

Get used to it.

Clients From Hell

That sucks. Like dlprentice said, I’d just let them learn from there mistakes.

I guess ultimately our client pays us, so they always right…Wee have to follow them… :wink:

Well, I’m certainly happy to have the gig. I’m just concerned about showing others’ the site and having them wonder, “Why is the homepage like that?” Well, I guess I’ll just have to work further on my portfolio and make sure that looks top notch.

Couple options for this situation I suppose:

  1. Don’t display it in your portfolio (unless you don’t have enough pieces to fill up your portfolio)
  2. Make slight changes to the piece before displaying it in your portfolio (if you’re allowed to)

you’ll always have problems like this, money talks i guess, its up to them what they want after all its their website, if they do not wish to adhere or listen to your advice then thats up to them too, as long as you are paid properly for the job then ur laughing, look at it this way, if in time u know the site is going to run into trouble because of changes they wanted to make and uve told them of what would happen etc, then u are in the clear hopefully and perhaps u’ll get more work to fix it again therefore more money, but there are always two sides to issues like these - does it reflect bad on you, do u include it in ur portfolio, this is up to you, personally i treat every project on an individual basis, if i feel its going to represent my business in a positive manner then i include it in my portfolio but for the likes of those clients who want “background music” or a heavily loaded flash site, or just things that make u cringe, i just leave them aside and treat them as a quick cash earner really…

But you’ll always have ppl coming to u with last minute changes or redesigns, time is money IMO and if they want it they will have to pay for that and extra if it puts me out lol so there u go thats my advice, hope u get better clients for the new year :tup:

Don’t just “get used to it”, use Change Orders, that way it’s not at your expense, you can make so much freaking money off changes that they want made. This doesn’t mean you should ever give them a poor quality product though. Get a contract together if you haven’t and state that if they want what can be determined as significant changes then they’ll have to pay for it. You can even do this with somewhat smaller things, just bill them less.