Clicking on iFrames

Anyone know if there’s a way, without using any js, to get rid of the clicking in all vers of IE when iFrames are changing please ?

Any help appreciated.


Thanks Stevie, that’s a shame, I thought there might have been some adjustment to the coding that I could make ?

Interesting that the clicks don’t happen in FF ?

This guy seems to think he’s found a solution :

Any browser sounds are controlled by settings on your computer, and are nothing to do with the web pages at all.

or get rid of iframes… organizing code strategy :slight_smile: maybe use the <object> element.

Thanks Alex, but trying to organise the coding so that the users don’t have to do that.

That’s like trying to code so their screens don’t flicker. If they hate the sound, they’re either not using IE or they’ve turned it off.

<object data=“yourpage.html” type=“text/html” width=“500” height=“200”></object>

Never trying to manipulate anything on the users pc, but no problem, will approach this from another direction.

i guess his best bet it is not js. his best bet is to display all data when there is no js on the client side, using objects, or divs. then, for those cases where client side agrees to js scripting, to make a more appropriate use of these objects or divs using ajax.

Thanks to noonnope and Alex for the recent helpful replies. It’s appreciated.

Seeing your answers above, and seeing the scenario on the link below, which would you recommend please ? Especially to not be a resource/memory hogger.

Thanks Alex, but am not trying to manipulate the users pc settings, just the coding in the website.

This is sounding helpful - can you expand on that a little please ?

What you’re trying to-do is go beyond the browser layer and take administrator level control over the end-users machine. If such an ability were possible it would allow hackers to violate someone’s computer and do all sorts of nasty stuff to the registry (which is where sound settings are stored). The browser is a sandboxed device which only allows you to interface with the window itself, anything at the OS layer (such as system sounds) is beyond the reach of scripting for a good reason. The only way you could prevent the navigation clicking occurring is to not to have any kind of content being loaded in the window, which could mean using AJAX, nothing but Flash (for your site) or just have a single page design. As it stands, for the sake of a noise you find annoying (but others may find useful - such as if they have accessibility needs) you are SERIOUSLY overthinking the problem (and trying to over-engineer it). Quit trying to manipulate your visitors PC and let them turn it off if they find it annoying, using the object element (in preference to Iframe) will NOT prevent the navigation click as it’s still accessing a non-page external resource. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just turn it off on your machine manually?

Start > Control Panel > Sounds > Sound Events > Windows Explorer (Section) > “Start Navigation” option (Disable the sound). :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, but trying to organise the coding so that the users don’t have to do that.

It’s usually set at the browser level rather than OS-level - you could set different or no sound for each action in each different browser you have. IE is the only one that is likely to default to making noises all the time, because its authors were sociopaths :mad:

^Amen. Give me server-side refreshes, unless I haz scripts; then hijack those refreshes instead.

I’m just saying Dez, the sounds and how to disable them are stored within the registry, so editing the value would require manipulating their PC’s settings. :slight_smile:

You’re best bet to avoid it would be to use AJAX in preference to frames or objects (as it calls the data within the background).

Thanks Stevie - back to the drawing board !