Clickable background ad

Hey guys,

I’m trying to implement something like this Old spice Ad:

I’m creating a new fully CSS layout for my site and was wondering how to achieve such a setup.

I guess I could make a div with the ad and slide the div below it up to make the ad look ‘spit’ on the right and left sides, however, I’m unsure how to make the “background” div clickable.

Any advice/tutorial or alternate implementation would be nice

Thank you

try Z-Indexing, making a entire background div/image a link.

Why not create a div, float one image left, the other right and of course have the images linking to where you would like?

Alternatively instead of setting your ad as a background image just place the image within the div and link it to the page you want?


If you want to be able to execute a click over an empty area/area with just background. You cand use an anchor tag with following css

display: block;
width: 100px;
height: 500px;

i mean an invisible link