Click in TouchScreen

Hi, i got a button with a click doing some function. The click is working fine on web browser but when i tested on my ios touch device its working but with delay. how to avoid the click delay in touch enable browsers so that i can touch button continuosly without any delay …i know the events like mouseup,down equivalent to touchstart,down,etc… i need for click…



AFAIK, click events don’t work on iOS. You should use touchstart

i tried with touchstart, touchend in place of click but none of it is working. any idea…

I’m away from the PC right now, but I’ll have a look later on and get back to you.

This works as expected for me on my iPhone:

$("button").on("touchstart", function(){

you also had a typo in your code:


)}; <---- bracket and curly brace are the wrong way round