Click & Drag flash menu


Can anyone point me to a tutorial about how to make a menu such as the one that can be seen at

Any help would be appreciated



I have almost created the menu, just cant get the easing to work!!

I have attached my FLA and SWF. If you have any clues on where to implement an easing effect that would be useful!



I don’t have a specific tutorial but this how I would code it:

add mouseDown Listener(mouseEvent, onMouseDown)
add enterFrame listener(e:Event, onEnterFrame)

get origin of x
get mouseX
if MouseX > origin
dx += someConstantSpeed;
if MouseX > origin
dx -= someConstantSpeed;

menu.x += dx;
decrease dx (your using + and - so your gonna need if statements to determine the case)

They’re using filters too, but That’s basically the pseudo code build on it.
Hope that helps