Clearly these figures can't be real...some help?

Folks I stumbled upon this site. They claim to have a office in Texas
1270 Champion Circle, Carrollton, TX ,75006
Any one near by can check them out. Thanks.
liquiditygiants <snip url>

How is this related to ecommerce website development?

Well to be quite honest, I did stop by LGs other location but that was their dublin office, in the middle of last month or so. The funny thing is, and you wouldn’t believe one of their reps actually had the nerve to ask me if I’m sure I dont want to hold off on increasing my portfo-size because of my income level. So i cudn’t upgrade.The dam nerve! Well anyway, besides that I strolled in with my daughter and they seemed pretty organized (except for the shortage on app forms and dependent forms too). Customer service wasn’t the worse even though finding their place could have used a bit more signs. Anytime you get the chance, just take a drive down there though, I was only there cuz I needed to add a dependent to my account because they apparently had some issues with their system that prevented me from doing it online. So once again, if anyone is nearby Carrollton or knows of a location there then please let me know whats up for safety reasons. Thanks

Y don’t you go check out the location yourself, Isn’t that much safer to do?