Clear (x) button removal - Input date type


Is there a way to remove clear button from the input field?


I think that only comes in some versions of IE... By running a quick google search I think this thread contains the answer to your question:


No the screenshot I sent is Firefox. I saw that example already and tried it. Didnt work.Of course example from stackoverflow shows this...

input[type=text]::-ms-clear { display: none; }

Which I changed to this...

input[type=date]::-moz-clear { display: none; }

I didn’t have any luck with that either ):

Most of the online solution show variations of this example and i tried bunch of them ):


From what I see in the examples at MDN is that the clear button only shows up when you set a value.

For example, this does make a clear button...
<input id="date" type="date" value="2017-06-01">

This does not make a clear button...
<input id="date" type="date">

I see it shows back up when the user enters a value too


Yeah it seems very tricky to remove it. I looked up what others have done and didnt have any luck at all

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