Clean my WP header output for SEO

Hi there. When I click on show page source I see there is an inline CSS… and I ask myself. Is that good for SEO? How could I remove that? Is there a way that you know that I can set it to be not inline?
Are there also others things that I could remove in order to optimize the code? Below my site link…

and… THANKS! :slight_smile:

The main factor in SEO optimisation is to have clear, useful content on a page. Just having a list of tags on your home page doesn’t really tell search engines a whole lot. CSS in the head of the document is not a big issue in this regard.

I’d like to add also a recent posts list (only links, no full text or excerpt)… but I can’t find how to do that. I’ve searched for plugins and/or widget… but there is only a widget for the sidebar, and not for the homepage.

Anyway, I want to focus on the single posts. I’m just creating “how to” posts that are SEO friendly, short and simple. For example: “How to find the name of your motherboard?” → “You can find the name of your motherboard using this software, doing this, this and that”. Using a well written text and some keywords in a right way. I did just an example, but here it is: “” (Italian Language). The URL is “motherboard-name-how-to-find-it” and the page title is “How to find your motherboard name?”.

EDIT: Ok, I solved for the latest posts in homepage.

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