Classified Submissions

Is classified submissions are good or not?

I also want to know that is this true that doing more classified submissions may harm the site.

no issues mate, it will bring you the unique visitors

classified promotion won’t hurt your site. as long as you don’t use spammy promotional texts. also, limit your submission. it is not the most effective promotional technique anyway.

Thanks for advice annescoffield

Should I do 10 submissions in a week?

Also let me know which type of Spam text must be ignored by me.

I think classified submission is good for e-commerce and service provider sites. It is not for general topic sites. Even you should avoid to much submission.

My site is SEO Service provider, so can I do classified submissions for that?

How can you provide seo services when you are here to ask basic seo questions? Want my advise? Jump into something else that WILL be profitable for you…because I am sure SEO services will be just a waste of time, energy and money to you.

Ah and to answer, yes you can do classified submissions for your site.

Some of the link on classifieds is dofollow which good to improve your rankings.IMO

if you just spam it then its bad… it really helps to easily offer products or service online…

Their is no affect on your site for doing more classified submission.Even this is the best method for getting unique visitor to your site

Hello Trapped you can say that this is a basic question. No body knows everything in SEO. If any one asking we all here for help not for criticism.

Most important thing: make your posting relevant. Otherwise you’ll get skipped over, banned, etc. and waste your time.