Classic ASP & CDOSYS help

In the old forums there was a section for ‘programming your site’ and a sub-section for Classic ASP. I don’t see anything like that here in the new forums.
Where can I post a question about ASP/VB syntax for use with CDOSYS (without getting yelled at for posting in the wrong section!)?

General Web Development :slight_smile:

And we don’t yell… We only speak a bit louder so everyone on the street will know that you don’t know where you have to post :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ninja’d by @molona

You can place it in the .NET category too, but be sure to clearly state it is legacy ASP/VB so you don’t get .NET solutions :smile:


Ha! Can’t believe it! I ninja’d you … muahahahaha

What? Are you suggesting I can DOUBLE POST?!
Won’t that get me banished from SP?

Oops, sorry, I meant that as you can post in either/or, please don’t double post. You won’t get banished, but the second post would get removed.

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Don’t even dare to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

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