CIW Certification - Is it worth it?

I have seen several designers with CIW Certification ( Does anyone here have CIW certification, and if so was it worth it?

I’m looking into getting the Master Designer and Master Developer certifications but want to make sure it’s worth it before I spend thousands of dollars.

Also, they offer it as a “Self Study Kit” - has anyone tried that or did you go to classes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

IMO any sort of certification is only worth it if the organization is recognized by your employer. Better yet if they’re an accredited institution.

Following this I think that the only certifications that are worth it are:

  1. Manufacturer Certs (Microsoft, Novell, Allaire) If someone is hiring a CF developer then being certified by Allaire is a good thing.

  2. College Certifications. Lots of Universities and smaller community colleges offer tech certifications. These carry more weight being from an accredited school. They’re not exactly degrees or anything but your employer may view them similar to a degree (associates).

A certification from an unknown (to them) third party company they may view more as a certificate of completion if they consider it at all.

Well, I’m currently self-employed and would only display the qualifications on part of my website.

Really, I was looking for more of were the classes insightful and helpful… did they teach useful information?

I’m looking to LEARN not get a piece of paper. I try to further my education but buying books gets old after a while… I usually read 2-3 books a month.

I plan on going to a few conferences next year but was wondering if classes would be helpful as well. I’m interested in anything that can better me as a person, as a designer or as a business-man.

For learning I think that buying books/reading websites, is the best method.

Think about how fast things change in this industry?
No course or program or test is going to be as up to date as a website like Sitepoint.

You can take a web programming class that ONLY teaches Perl and doesn’t even mention ASP, CF, JSP, PHP, etc. Simply because curriculum changes that slowly.

I totally recommend for learning. I am starting a new course tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. I have used them before they are excellent and very good value for money.

Woo hoo…finally someone heard of the CIW

Hi beley…
I’m a CIW certified “E-Commerce Application Designer”
here’s the scope:

First there’re foundation courses that you must take no matter what your spcialty is gonna be, such as: Networking fundamentals, HTML and Internet Fundamentals ( which -except networking-found as a total waste of time) I already know that stuff.
before going any further, i attended classes (it took me 7 months to get the certificate)
it’s like a package and i had to take stuff that i really didn’t find useful or already knew about.

back to subject…I took C/C++, java, websphere plus numerous courses in networking, security and server administration (cuz as u know these r very essential elements for e-commerce)

To make a long story short…it did make a difference to me because i’m originally a business administration graduate, the CIW helped me recognize what’s good/bad when it comes to web design/development. Now i can basically understand most of the stuff that’s being said around me.
As a result, I’m usually up to date (cuz it made it easier for me to be that way)

If you’re really up to it…I say go ahead and do it
If you already know enough about the business…then i guess you won’t learn much extra (of course you’ll learn…but no that much though)

Lemme know if you’re gonna be taking it and tell me what courses you’re gonna enroll yourself in (if i find any common ones, i’ll let ya know if they’re worth it or not)

Hope i’ve been of help
I’m here if you ever need any further info.
My email

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