Chrome... strange

Hi, i have just noticed a very strange cross browser issue. On several of my sites, i have applied simple css styling to my select boxes / drop down menus… some of this styling has been simply changing the color of the text in the drop down menu.

The styling is fine in IE7+, FF (PC), Opera (PC), Chrome (PC), FF (Mac), Safari (Mac), Opera (Mac) BUT NOT ON Chrome (Mac)

I can’t understand how you can’t apply simple css such as text color to Chrome on a Mac

Has anyone else noticed this or found a solution to this… thanks in advance for your help

Styling select boxes is a tricky and frustrating area, so I never touch them. You can find lots of discussions on this via Google is you wish. Basically, it’s better to leave them alone, IMHO.

I’ve had issues with Chrome on mac before as well… so I’d be interested to see what people can possibly come up with.

thanks for the replies guys, hopefully someone will come back with something :wink:

There are lots of good articles on styling form controls, such as

but the bottom line is that they are hard work—especially select lists. It’s basically impossible to get them looking the same cross browser, and as I said, they are better left alone.