Chrome emulator works/doesn't work

Hi all,
I am dabbling with responsive design.
If you go to this URL (All I am interested in is the 2 link nav menu) in Chrome,
Then hit F12 and then emulate Iphone 4, it shows the menu icon.
I am trying to get the menu only to work here,
If you try to emulate the iphone 4, It doesn’t display the menu icon, just the links.
Now if you resize the page, the menu icon appears.

I have gone over the css and cannot find a difference with the menu markup.
Can someone take a look to see what I am missing?

Thank you in advance.

Note, the menu-icon div gets prepended with jquery


Works fine for me. Refresh the page after you switch to the iPhone 4 Emulator.

Don’t rely on Chrome Emulator to show you how things will appear. I recommend you get a account to check mobile…

$40/mo is a lot for someone learning…

They are amazing, but aim at corporate accounts.

Chrome Emulator is fine. It’s 100x better in Chrome Canary.

Thank you for the replies, if a refresh is needed, so be it.
I was just wondering why the first link does not need a refresh.
For what I am doing now, Chrome emulator will work fine.
Once again, Thank you.

I’m lucky that my work gives me a free account. The very next day I think after iPhone 6/plus came out, it was on BStack. Such a useful service.

Yeah, mine too. But it’s very expensive.