Choosing the best Youtube username

Hello. :slight_smile:

So basically me and some friends have spent over 1000 dollars in equipment to our upcomming Youtube Channel.
We are gonna take this seriously, we really love what we do and we do pranks in public.

We gonna upload 2-3 videos a week, and our goals is to become big on youtube.

I have read all things like, what we are able to film and not to film etc.

What our problem is we cant come up with a good username.

My name now is ItsKevinTV.

My real name is Kevin. I just dont know if it does much of a difference what my name is or if I still can become really big with that name “ItsKevinTV” or would it be better to name it like “Lewipe”

Do you think my username make a big difference in views and subscribers and how famous I can get if I would named myself “smosh” instead of “ItsKevinTV”.
(Nigahiga is one of the most famous youtubers)

Just give me all types of opinions! :slight_smile:

I made a new one called “kevalive” i mean. its easy to remeber. what do you think?

I mean people can be like. “Omg I saw a funney video, he is called kevalive” instead of “ItsKevinTV”…

You know what they say about choosing a good name: first name would be the same as your first pet and the last name would be your mother’s maiden name. It’s a trick all porn stars use.

I just think it’s better not to include your name in the username, which makes it more meaningful. So I think the new username kevalive would be a nice one.

I think itskevinTV is much much better name because it has that kevin in it which is your name.

Personally I think that both names are good. I wouldn’t be able to choose between any of them. Both are short and memorable and, as you say, if you become famous in youtube, it doesn’t matter if it is Kev or Keving. If you use Kev, people will think that you like to be called Kev, and that’s it.

Thanks guys.

I actually came up with a name that I’m really happy with and its “Kevtehv” cause Kev is my three first letters and tehv is “TV”.

Well if you like it it’s good.
Personally I’ve chosen a simple one: videoofthemonth not hard to remember even if that’s not true, but if I was making good videos it could make sense somewhat :slight_smile:

Maybe have a read of this sad saga before getting too excited about pranks:

I’m really happy with and its “Kevtehv”

I think many people (along with me) would find it very hard to work out how to pronounce that.

I think “kevtehv” is difficult to remind every time search. So first what u kept ItsKevinTV is good compared to kevtehv.
or KevinLiveTV is good. Your choice to go.

I think the ItsKevinTV is a good username.

If the site is by you and some friends, I don’t understand why the channel name will just feature your name. Wouldn’t it be better to have a group name?

I also think both names are good, the choice is yours, but i think i’d choose “kevalive”, just because it is shorter.

What about KevPranks?

EDIT: or would my username be best without including “Pranks”, do you think it should just be like more original?