Choosing form management tool, i.e., WuFoo, Formstack, etc. for specific need

I have a client with an order form that posts to email. They are not ready for true e-commerce yet, as they like to speak to their clients regarding each order.

I’m looking for a replacement for this type of order form, which automatically updates totals, etc. via JavaScript. Other criteria:

  • Good GUI
  • Ability to add items
  • Ability to add tax calculations

I’m considered WuFoo and Formstack, but both fall short in one regard or another. Any suggestions?


Hi 4midori,

I work for Formstack. Just curious where the software falls short for you. We’re always looking to improve our feature set, so we appreciate any feedback you may have. Also, we often have a workaround for certain things so I’ll let you know if that’s the case based on your response. Thanks!

AustinTD: I’ve PMed you.