Choosing domain for Clickbank campaign

hi, i am a noob venturing into clickbank for the first time. i have read alot of manuals around, and decided to have a go with it, building a minisite/squeeze page for a product using a keyword rich domain.

well, i was looking for a piece of advice on this. as you all realized that all the hot, popular & high grav product with keyword rich domains has been snapped up by many other clickbank affiliates.

i have dug deep in all different niches in CB and it is almost impossible to get a keyword rich domain to register. i was wondering if these technique works when Google starts indexing.

for example, say i have decided to go for ‘lose belly fat’ as a domain name for my weight loss campaign, and has been owned by someone else, does (with an extra ‘now’) or (with an extra ‘technique’) gave the same impact (impact as in hitting the bulls’ eye & driving traffc) just like ‘lose belly fat’ once being indexed by google?

this is because the global searches for ‘lose belly fat’ is much much higher compared to ‘lose belly fat now’ & ‘lose belly fat technique’ in the keyword tools.

Any feedback appreciated. thx:(

You may look for the synonyms of those keywords.However if you are worried with global search then what you can do is that choose a keyword have medium competition.To me domain does not matter because you will see many people rank higher in search engines for different competitive keyword by using their own name on domain.However its all about on site and off site SEO tactics.However If I were you then I choose ‘lose belly fat now’ or ‘lose belly fat technique’ then ‘lose belly fat’ because those 2 keyword has little competition than the 3rd one.