Choosing between PHP frameworks, Rails, or other options

Hi –

I’m suddenly on to two new projects that are going to require me to either learn PHP or Rails, or some other alternative database program.

(Such as these:

The project is not all that dis-similar from things that already exist.

Basically there’s a database of items (listed by sellers who have profiles in a directory) and a database of buyers.

So we have:

  1. Items
  2. Sellers Profiles
  3. Buyers Profiles (each buyer can have up to 5)

Sellers and buyers each have a dashboard as well.
Buyers will be able to rate Items and Sellers.
Sellers will be able to rate Buyers Profiles.
Everything must be searchable.
Some kind of OpenID system will be used to handle logins.

I want to use modules and pre-built components as much as possible for this thing, so I can get it moving.

Any suggestions on something that has great documentation and ease-of-use for beginners?

I’m not averse to learning what I need to, but shortcuts would be GREAT.


I can vouch for Zend Framework. They have a good community… lots of people use it, lots of good documentation around.


I think you should try php. Its the easiest web technology ever. What about framework - you should try

I should imagine that all the frameworks do what they claim so I would look to find helpful associated bulletin boards, Wikis, code examples, tutorials, etc.