Choosing a University

I live in Vallejo California near San Francisco and I’m studying in a Solano Community College to get an Associated Degree in “Web Developer & Administration”. But, I would like to know what University you recommend regarding to the Web Developer career, after I finish the College.

To cut a long story short, a lot of places ask for a degree, but it doesn’t really matter what degree it is. Obviously, Computer Science is the best IT-related degree to get, and the better the university the better your prospects are. If you want to get into design primarily then you’d greatly benefit from a Graphic Design degree. However, you don’t need an IT degree; a lot of people come into Web Development from subjects like History, Journalism, etc. Just get the best possible degree you can.

The only solid advice I’ll give is NOT to pursue a Web Design and/or Development degree. Those things aren’t worth the money, nor the time, and in the average company (the kind of company that statistically, you’ll probably end up working at) they’ll always value the traditional degree subjects over specialised subjects like Web Dev.

Then, do you recommend get a good degree in Computer Science, and study myself for learn Web Developer skills ?

I would recommend a computer science degree for your undergrad as it would give you the fundamentals that could be applied to programming on the web. That said, when possible take electives in Photoshop, design, etc where you can to help narrow the field down.

As far as where to do this, that really is up to you. Your background both academically and financially as well as where you would like to study are more important than the name of the school in nearly all instances.

Absolutely. Whilst a CS degree isn’t going to teach you how to be a Web Developer a lot of application development is going the way of the web and a lot of CS principles will make their way onto the web at some point. Hell, some CS departments do actually teach Web Development, although rather poorly.

ChrisWiegman is correct in that you can take electives if you have the chance, although you have stated that you want to do development, not design. If you want to be a designer then Graphic Design is what you need. It’s definitely possible to be both (I have a CS degree and I am both a designer and developer), but a CS degree is essential for development.

Do you need a degree? Many will tell you no (probably because they don’t have a degree themselves), but in the average work-place the average employer will want a degree, and this forum isn’t the average employer.

Thanks for your Comments, they are very useful for me!!!

Another Question, I have thinking in 2 University options to get my Computer Science Degree.

One is Berkeley, that I know is one of the best, and the other is the University East Bay.

Do you think is a very good difference between are 2 universities to get a Computer Science Degree ?

Yes and no. You’ll get a standard CS education from a standard university, but places like Berkeley will offer you a great education and you’ll be a better person afterwards for attending, both as a prospective employer and through the future contacts you’ll make.

Thanks for all your comments, I think I will try to enter to the Berkeley University and get one Computer Science degree and will take classes related to the Web Developer in the electives classes when possible. Thanks again.