Choosing a server side technology for my first commercial website

I am about to start developing my first commercial website/online tool and i’m very undecided on the server side technology I should use

The website should store data purchase orders, insurance, registration etc for a car dealer company. Only a few staff members are going to use it so online traffic is not an issue. It’s a small sized company and receive about 1200-1400 orders per year

I’m considering php/MYSQL and ASP/Sql server and I don’t want to make a random decesion. I Need some advice from more experienced developers about which technologies to choose please


Well since I don’t have any experience with ASP my decision goes to php.

The reason why I went for PHP because it’s base isn’t hard to learn at all.
After a while you know the base and want to move forward.

You will have more then enough ways to get further.
try looking up some basic codes and after that try look for frameworks.

Maybe you will find a framework that fits you.

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