Choice of front end and back end for mini project

I’m a college student planning to do a mini project. I’v decided to link the college database with the bar code that is already present in our id cards. By using a bar code scanner the bar code can be scanned to retrieve that particular student’s data alone…

I’m wary of which database to use as back end, access or sql. Moreover I have the student details stored as excel files.People suggested I use access, as it is easier to convert excel files to access database.But I’m not sure if access would support client server model because the database will be accessed by all departments simultaneously.

I’m also not sure of which front end to use to display the data in forms format.Can I use vb or any other front end??? The data of the database should be modifyable from the front as well as the back end… I read someone’s reply for a access question in which they suggested they could display the details in access database without any special frontend… Is it possible???:confused

I have little knowledge of vb,sql. But i must admit i’m only a Amateur… I’m totally confuse. Please suggest a front and back end which is compatible with windows xp OS…

for heavy uses people usually would use ms sql or oracle in most cases.

vb is a backend middle layer language. for front end you can use html/css/js. for backend vb could do.

I’d ask your tutors at college for some guidance, they wouldn’t expect you to use anything that hasn’t been taught in class.
The software that runs the bar code scanner may dictate what technologies you can use.

Thankyou, is it possible for me to store the data in excel sheet itself and display it using html??

That doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, you should get the data from excel into a database so you can easily query it.

Again, ask your tutors for guidance on which technologies to use - when you have chosen the technologies people here will be able to help with the specifics.

This sounds like fun little project. This is what I would do.

  • Create RESTful web services that outputs either in XML or JSON.
    • You can make another web service that takes in EXCEL and store it into RDBMS (I recommend postgres)
  • Use any MVC framework to create a Web interface that uses RESTful web services

If above sounds like jargon that google the following

“RESTful Web Services XML JSON”
“MVC Framework”

If I was doing it then here’s my secret ingredient
Spring MVC
Jackson JSON
ExtJS (Not free unless you release your code as open source)
Apache POI