Chm file for javascript and jquerry


Is it okay to ask about…if there is a chm file for javascript and jquerry? so that i can view this when i am in offline or no internet connection…can you help me please for this,.

Thank you in advance and i am hoping for positive response.

On the jQuery documentation page there is some text that says:

There are a number of alternative resources for browsing the API.

Go to that page.

There are also more recent versions of jQuery that exist in offline formats.
jQuery 1.7 reference documentation as pdf
jQuery 1.7 and jQuery UI reference documentation as chm
As well as other offline versions such as HTML and AIR available from the jQAPI site.

With chm files though you may find that you’ll have to go to their properties and unblock them, before you can view them on Windows.

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Hi paul_wilkins,

Thank you for the reply and giving this links....what about the javascript is there also offline view?

of chm file?Thank you again.

Yes there is - you can easily find it with a google search such as [javascript chm documentation]( chm documentation)

Thank you so much…


I was not able to download the link that you gave to me…can you please check the download link. [jQuery 1.7 and jQuery UI reference documentation as chm](jQuery 1.7 and jQuery UI reference documentation as chm)
Thank you in advance.

I’m sorry, you seem to be mistaken about something. I did not give any download link.

I linked you to a google search where you can find results for where javascript chm documentation can be found.

Okay,Thank you…i will give a try on this.

Hi, I have it now the jquery chm format but it’s not updated since 2009

I donwoaded again 1.4 juery chm format 2010.

Is that jQuery or JavaScript chm that you mean there?

Yes, The Jquery 1.4 which i downloaded but i think this not the recent version for jquery the 1.4 it is 1.7 now,about the javascript i am looking for chm format that contains a complete reference of all the built-in JavaScript objects, along with their methods and properties.also contains an event reference and a reference of the top-level properties and functions that can be used on all of the built-in JavaScript objects.And A reference to all of the HTML DOM objects.

I am fanatic of chm file because i can view this in offline and also it is easy for me to do search like their method and properties.

That’s interesting, for those other links in post #2 all seem to be for jQuery 1.7

Did you take a look at the link from post #4 in that regard?

Thank you for the patience…yes i got now the javascript chm file but the jquery 1.7 chm file format i could not get,i was redirected to the page of gethub?and then i tried to clicked the link 1.7 chm format but nothin happened.can you help me please how to get this 1.7 chm file format.thank you again for helping me and sparing some time with me.

Yes, github can be a bit difficult to navigate if you’re not used to it.

At the github page for that .chm file, click on the Raw button (beside the History one) or the View Raw link just below.

Is it okay if i am not registered in github?..i tried to click but nothing happen…can you please check it for me.I really could not get the chm file.

Thank you in advance.

Yes, it is okay if you are not registered with github. You can still download the .chm file from the Raw button or the View Raw link on the page for the jQuery-UI-Reference-1.7.chm file.

Hi,when i clicked the raw button it opens to txt file.why it is like this?

It can depend on your web browser.

You have two choices:

[list][]Either right-click on the raw link and save as a .chm file
]Or, go to the download section and download the entire project as a .zip file so that you can then extract the .chm file from that zip file[/list]

The former choice is the preferable one.