Chinese Traffic: Been thinking about this

I’ve been thinking about this to ask here but I always forget.

China is second to US on the number of Internet users but since I start running websites last 2003, I did never get any good traffic from China… The traffic ranking for my websites always…

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. India
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. Philippines
  7. Germany

…and I’m wondering why my websites are not getting any traffic from China… the big question is:

Are US servers banned in China??


No, US servers are not banned in China.
You don’t get traffic from China simply because your offers doesn’t appeal to Chinese users, or you don’t market your service effectively to Chinese users.

I don’t think so… people from all over the world founf my website through search engines…I don’t think Chinese people searching different things…

Even small countries like Honduras, Jordan, and Denmark, etc found my site… but why not China?

Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and even Laos visits my sites… but still why not China?

Lived in China for past 5 years…

Vast majority mostly look only at Chinese language sites, so if your site is in english then it´s of little use to them.

Local search engines such as Baidu focus on local Chinese websites, same as Google in China… so if you don´t market your website in China then the search engines probably will not rank high for you.

Yes there is also a huge firewall that filters content… so if you have keywords such as Tianamen square you will get blocked. Sometimes keywords are not that obvious and get blocked

I see, I think Google China does not show international sites?

Chinese people don’t know English well, so they prefer Chinese language sites only.

Think of it this way - how many Chinese sites do you visit from searches?

It’s a little naive to think that your content is relevant to them.

I dont have any experince with Chinese Traffic.
How much does EPC (Earning Per Clicks) from Chinese visitors?

There are few things which you need to done inorder to get the traffic from China …

1- Make up a website in Chinese Language
2- Target the keywords in Chinese Language…
3- Use Google Webmaster tools to set the geographical location to China
4- Get the Backlinks from Chinese Websites

I think very low considering that they also have a lower cost of living…

you dont want chinese traffic! beleive me! its wasted banned width, they dont seem to buy anything. this is in no way a stero type comment, its just the truth and many webmasters will tell u the same.

I know… he he… just wondering…

Another thing I was asking is because I am planning to sell English learning software to them… :slight_smile:

Your site is in English dude. Do you think that might have something to do with it?

Also where do your links come from? Google uses links to geotarget so if you have non from China then it’s highly unlikely that you will rank in China even on

I think you need target china market if you want to generate traffic from there.

How on earth would you expect Chinese users to visit and understand a site written in English?

The countries you list, such as Honduras, Jordan, and Denmark, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and even Laos…

All have probably more native English speakers than China, and more Yanks, Brits etc living there.

Also, no disrespect to anyone Chinese here, but I have found any traffic from China to be universially rubbish. They never buy anything and never contribute. How many people do you reckon in China have a paypal account for instance?

but I have found any traffic from China to be universially rubbish
I agree with you on this but there are also some useful products that would hit Chinese markets… like online tutoring, language, etc…

You guys are harsh, you start off by getting a universal translator for your site dude

Universal translators always inaccurate and I think a waste of time… better to have a real chinese to translate pages manually…

I’ve gotten visits from China. And these were pure American subjects - somehow, they still found me.

I strongly agree with the reason of language. And we all know that they don’t have English subject in their schools unlike here in my country.English is not my firsts language but I’m thankful that English subject is implemented here in my country :smiley: