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I have in the past received emails from obvious scammers wanting to extort money from me with the threat of losing my domain name. The basic premise being that if I don’t want to lose my domain I’d better register it with them, because someone else is interested.

Recently, I’ve received similar emails but from what may actually be a legitimate source: What makes me bother with this is that the email does not originate from gmail, hotmail or any other free email service but from and actual website host. is a live website dealing with domain registration.

Is this a legitimate business or just a more elaborate scam?

Thanks for any light you can shed.

I’d bet it’s still a scam - I see these sort of emails regularly. The only legitimate emails about your domain should come from your domain registrar for things such as renewals, service updates and so on.

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[quote=“bluedreamer, post:2, topic:256910, full:true”]
I’d bet it’s still a scam - I see these sort of emails regularly.[/quote]

Yes, it probably is a scam. The thing is, the emails of this sort you receive are probably from some anonymous email address.

If this is a scam, then they went through the trouble and expense to actually put up a website and establish a dedicated email account with the host.

Probably an attempt to appear more legitimate. It made you look twice.

Yes, similar to making many spam posts or sending many spam emails, knowing that most won’t survive, there are throwaway email addresses, and there are those unscrupulous enough to use throwaway domains and burn host bridges.

I call them hit-and-run sites. Make as much money as possible for as long as possible and then move on.


I agree, I checked the content and some of the code in the site. The design leaves too much to be a bussiness site. It has some Chinese in the code, but there is no Chinese language so how could that be an Asia service?

Did a quick check, and their IP hosts nearly 40.000 “nogoodnames” domains.

It would probably be what you call a “hit-and-run” site.


Wow! That’s good detective work. These ripoffs are just getting more advanced and are making us keep up with them.

So I’m a little wiser, and hopefully this thread will help to warn others…

Thanks Good Folks.

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Just be careful when registering those domain. Better careful than sorry.

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