China's 'secure' OS Kylin

This race was intensified when China created Kylin, their own hardened server operating system and began to convert their systems back in 2007. This action also made our offensive cyber capabilities ineffective against them given the cyber weapons were designed to be used against Linux, UNIX and Windows.

Prior to this, the Kylin operating system - which is funded by the National 863 High-Tech Program - was found to have plagiarized from the FreeBSD5.3. An anonymous internet user, who goes by the handle name “Dancefire”, pointed out similarities between the two systems reached 99.45 percent.

China's 'secure' OS Kylin - a threat to U.S offensive cyber capabilities? | ZDNet

If it is 99.45 percent similar to FreeBSD5.3, then why it is hard to detect this OS? why it is hard to hack this?

Why don’t you ask those people from the article?

We need help with the strange disappearance of Dancho Danchev | ZDNet


Impossible? Failure to read.

Update: After a lot of help from folks, Dancho has resurfaced in a tweet received on Jan 21. We’re not going into details—so he can explain, but here’s the tweet.