Child Links in Bad Position- Trying to Move Them

Hello, Old Friends, I’m Back Again,

After a while of staring :-/ and trying various things to get the drop down menu submenu links to get positioned far to the left at , but they sit right there in the middle, and I don’t know why! There is also a HUGE amount of space between all the different elements in the child div.

Do you know why?


I really hope this is the last of my questions on this drop down menu. :confused:

It’s probably the default margin and padding on the nested lists.


#pMenu ul{

Great Post, Paul!

That moved the child links to their good positioning on the left side, but there’s still a TON of vertical space left open in between the h2’s, the h3’s, and there’s a lot of space between the h3’s and the child links.

I tried to set all paddings to something and margins to 0.

#pMenu h3{
	text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000;
	padding:1px 1px 0px 25px;

I have updated the files at so you can see how there is a lot of space between the elements.

You don’t seem to have addressed the margins on that page.

This code gets them all close together for me:

#pMenu h3{margin:0}
#pMenu h2{margin:0}
#pMenu li li{padding-top:0;padding-bottom:0}

Wow, you’re awesome. I can’t wait until I’m as proficient as you!’

On another note, if the user bumped up the text size, I’ll need to have the overflow auto set. Where would I target that? My guess:

#pMenu{overflow:auto; /*other styles */}