Chewing Gum, what will it do to my face?

lol yes odd title. So I am in decent physical condition, 5’ 11’’ 160 mostly muscle. Well I have been chewing a lot of gum, like a pack a day everyday for a few months now to ween off smoking (now I just smoke and chew gum lol).

A couple girls I knew have told me my face is looking somewhat round. I never thought of myself to have a round face, I have the cheekbones of that Twillight vampire character, however I feel my face may be getting rounder after staring in the mirror like a bulimic girl. Okay so yea, think it has anything to due with the extreme amounts of gum I chew? Is this why baseball players faces are somewhat round due to chewing gum?

yes im afraid so, if i were you id also stay clear of sharp objects and also anything you might stick easy to :shifty:

i think the next stage is usually turning the actual colour of the chewing gum itself - i would definitely seek professional help :scratch:

Unique question. I don’t think its due to chewing gum. Actually chewing gums helps to increase the strength of your teeth and I have heard that it also helps in digestion. But seek some professional advice about this.

Ah damn I knew it was true and bound to happen! Well hmm so it makes my teeth (i think you mean muscles) strong, so that means the muscles in in my jaw and near the back of my teeth are getting bigger. Hence making my face rounder? Guys, I think were onto something here. Something big…

My thoughts on chewing gum are generally pretty negative. It’s a nasty habit, it just looks unpleasant to me (and I think people look stupid doing it, like ruminants). This is not to mention the noises some people make. The worst thing by far, though, is what so many “people” do with it afterwards - stick it to something or spit it onto the street, where it leaves a horrible blotch.

The only way chewing gum might help with digestion is if you’re constipated, as it has a laxative effect.

Ruminatnts immediately made me think of cud-chewing hoofed mammals and blonde girls who make bubbles with their gum. I am nice though, I don’t stick it to anything, I always dispose of it in a proper way, unless I’m driving down the road at night then I totally hawk it out my window going 60mph.

Gum increases blood flow to the brain and make your “teeth” strong as another user pointed out. Apparently there might be a downside and make your face round, so it has it’s pros and cons.


so what your saying really is that you are going to transform into the following:

hmm that is if you havent already :shifty: wow you should really see someone about this big time :x

mizwizzy, I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time.


chewing gum will strengthen your jaw muscles only, but not significantly unless you are doing it round the clock

Apparently there are some adverse effects from chewing gum I wasn’t aware of :eek:

As Splend said, it will slightly strengthen your facial muscles but I can’t see how it would make your face more round.

Well I chew gum pretty much around the clock. Sometimes I even fall asleep with gum in my mouth. Here’s an analogy, chewing gum around the clock would be like body building where repetition makes your muscles big and only somewhat strong, but if you had something tough to chew where it required a lot more biting power then it’d make your muscles strong but not as big. Think this holds true with jaw muscles?

Maybe your right, it’s what I am trying to figure out.

lets hope this gum is sugarfree otherwise ur going to be toothless by the time ur 14 :rolleyes:

Most def. I purchase it by the box at Whole Foods. It’s organic and whatnot without all the bad jank in it.


to limit u turning into a :slight_smile: why dont u cut down the amount of time you actually chew the gum?

I’m decently addicted to gum at this point and based on research I believe it has small health benefits, although I am not a total health freak. I’m wondering if it’s the gum because it seems most plausible, I wonder if my jaw muscles can get that big without me knowing it.

Hmmm I’m thinking of posting pictures of myself dated 4 months ago, however I would need to take a photo of myself as of recent, gotta find my camera today or buy one real soon.

is it that big of a deal if this jaw/face thing is changing? ur not going to stop chewing the gum so isnt it all a bit redundant?

If I knew for sure it’s the gum, then I will perhaps cut back but I don’t want to stop chewing gum only to find out it’s related to something else, such as the increase of wine I drink (1 bottle a day, hell I’m drinking wine right now and it’s 9:41am).

If I could compare chewing gum to body building vs. strength training, lifting small amounts of weight lots of time makes your muscles big, as opposed to heavy weights lesser times make your muscles tone and not as big. Therefore I can draw the assumption if I found a type of gum that is tougher to chew or something of the sort it would make my jawbones even sexier, wouldn’t you think?

edit: it’s not really a big deal to me, but I’d like to find out why so I can stay sexy and become sexier.

well im not sure about that analogy, but i know my bf is extremely muscly and also does body building, i will ask him for you, if anyone knows more about health and fitness its him!