[CHESS] How is this a stalemate?

Any chess people able to tell me how this is a stalemate? For context, I move my pawn up (to prep to move it to become a 2nd queen and force a checkmate) and then the chess app tells me I’m in a stalemate.

To me, this looks like a checkmate.

It is a stalemate because you left him without any move and he isn’t in check. He can’t move his king anywhere due to the queen placement, but the queen nor a pawn has him in check, thus no checkmate (and the pawn relinquished is last move when you moved it up).

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Really now…didn’t know that was a rule.


Yeah, this is one of those unfortunate rules. That unless you know it, you aren’t prepared to stop yourself from making it happen. It would have been wiser to let his king escape a bit while protecting your pawn so you could eventually upgrade the pawn and make a checkmate that much easier.

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Yeah looking back, if I knew that rule, I would have let his king out to the left and force my queen over to the right and move my pawn up like that. I had the win in my hands. Meh.

I was under the impression checkmate was just the king not being able to move without in a position where I could take him. But apparently there’s a fine line between stalemate and checkmate where the king being in check is the key line.


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