What does everyone think about <snip/> Or Cheese, rather. I enjoy cheese

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m not very adventurous when it comes to cheese. I stick with cheddar mostly.

A nasty brush in with blue cheese turned me off.


Cheese is yummy! couldn’t think of other things about it.

I’m lactose intolerant… if I eat cheese, I’ll end up in a hospital bed. :frowning:

I am an adventurous eater, but the only cheese i couldn’t eat is the Cheese made with Maggots. I couldn’t imagine the worm moving in my mouth while eating.

cheesse is very nice yummy

You are better off without it. It’s filthy stuff. People shouldn’t eat it, imho.

I looooove cheese :slight_smile: I guess I’d even try the magot one, after they removed all the magots though.

there is one romanian variety: smoked pickled pressed cheese. to die for!

Yep, I’m sure you will die for it if you eat too much! :lol: I heard a science program a few years back where scientists listed all the terrible effects that cheese (and other dairy products) have on humans. It was truly scary.

Nevertheless, tradition, habit and desire are pretty powerful forces (though good old Death gets the better of them in the end. :wink: )

:lol: my wife is a regular desirous of sour cream with farmers cheese (or pressed cottage cheese, it’s really hard to find an english equivalent for home made sweet cheese from cow’s milk) and mămăliguţă (polenta or maize porridge = boiling water, salt and cornmeal) with no effect so far!

i really doubt centuries of dairy products enjoyment can get void by a science program :wink: