Checkout Section Is Set Off to Right By 20px

Please compare my regular website page to my [URL=“”]checkout page. Switch back and forth between tabs in your browser and it appears that my checkout section is set off to the right by about 20px (or are the regular pages set off the left by 20px).

I tried hard to find the CSS code that’s causing the displacement of the entire checkout section - can’t find it.


There’s something missing from that message…

Oh, boy. Sorry about that. Just inserted.

Same thing is happening here and [URL=“”]here. The 2nd page seems to be set 20px off to the right… ?

It’s because the checkout page fits comfortably onto one screen, so there’s no scrollbar. The longer content page does need a scrollbar, and because it’s centred on the page, that means it’s shifted left by half the width of the scrollbar.

So simple. Seems silly to not have noticed. Well, all solved. Thanks! : ) !