Checking every textbox in a array is filled in

Hi guys

Have a bit of a issue. I need to check that every

licensenumber[] text box is filled in

If i try to pass it as a array it does not work.

Here is my code

<script Language="JavaScript">
function Blank_TextField_Validator()
// Check the value of the element named text_name
// from the form named text_form
if (text_form.licensenumber.value == "")
// If null display and alert box
alert("Please fill in the text field.");
// Place the cursor on the field for revision
// return false to stop further processing
return (false);
// If text_name is not null continue processing
return (true);

<form action=checkout.php method=post  onsubmit="return Blank_TextField_Validator()" name="text_form">

<input name=licensenumber[]>

<input name=licensenumber[]>
<input type=submit name=submit value="Proceed To Checkout">


How can I check that both fields have been filled out?



Thank you very much. This worked perfect is there a away to add it so it check if another field has also been filled in?

So would appear like this

Pop up Box

  • Please enter a licence number
  • Please enter your name

Thanks in advance