Check your spelling if you are selling!

I friend of mine in another forum started a new sales campaign in that site so I will post what his part of his graphic looked like. I busted out laughing.

No he is not English. Still ROFL :smiley:


You have responded to your friend and pointed out his mistake or have you kept quite? :smile:


I sent him a PM in that forum. I just happened to be the Mod on duty so I was the first viewer. He has already sent me a Thanks!.

I would have done it for any of our members :smiley: It just hit my funny bone at the end of the day.

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I do admit it tickled my bones to. :smiley: It makes the day go by much happier.


hahaha… if its about typos, they can be big blunders…leave some rolling and the company’s grudging. You should visit this post for few such blunders…lol