Check website and server speed and Response time

I’ve been having problems recently with viewing my website which can be slow loading (over 10 seconds). I’m not sure if it is my ISP connection or the shared hosting server. I would like to find a cheap service where I can monitor server speed and response time of my host’s server. Any recommendations?

Do you know what connection port your host servers are on? May be your current server is overloaded and you can ask them to move the website on a different server. If it still does not resolve the issues, you should be looking for a new host.

You could use’s free account, or to do manual checks when you notice said slowness.

Pingdom and Host-tracker both work well. Host-tracker seems to be the most popular choice though.


Pingdom is a great choice for this. I’d also recommend taking a look at your website itself to make sure the code is clean and optimized as much as possible.


That is good idea but I believe sometimes your ISP can be slow enough and that make you think that your web site is slow.
I agree with Dan - free pingdom account looks like a great option for me here.

I’d 3rd Pingdom for spot checks with their free tool, does a pretty good job of identifying any slow to load content items if you’re not sure if it is your connection or not.