Check webpage on Firefox on windows 7 Online


I have Firefox 24.0 installed on my computer with windows XP and the webpage is showing perfectly fine on my computer.

But my client has windows 7 installed and he is having problem with some elements of page not aligned properly.

i want to check the page on firefox 24.0 on windows 7.

how is it possible to check it on windows 7 ?

Is there any online free service available ?


What browser is your client using on his Windows7 computer?

Online services: (free trial, then paid) (paid) (free or paid)

If you have a link I have Firefox 24 and windows 7 and can check what it looks like?

However, I doubt it is any different to your xp version. Get a screenshot from your client and you can probably see what the problem is.

I assume you have tried opening and closing the viewport window to see if there is a bug at certain widths? (which may be the width your client is viewing with).