Check my website?

Hello, I paid a website company to create me an original design for my site.
I have a pretty strong feeling that they just purchased a cheap template and modified it for me.
Does anyone know if there is a way through TinEye or another site that can help me upload a slice or something to do a search or something to check this?
Thanks ahead. :wavey:

:frowning: I don’t think so.

I think your main concern should be is it according to your instruction and you brand info, is it fit to you business…

you can also share the link if possible some might be able to help you out.

Go right back to the designer. Tell them what you feel they did and get an explaination as to why it looks so much like a template. If you don’t mind me asking how big was the budget for this project. You should get this setteled as soon as possible as it could lead to copyright violations if they didn’t have permission to use the template.

do you have a link to the site? It’s a shame but that’s how some designers, if you can call them that, make their money these days

TinEye indexes the images found on web using an algorithm similar to

Their result would be as good as the popularity of the image and if tineye spiders have touched those websites recently.

So, now if your designer/developer has or other developers have used such a template very widely, then its a possibility that some of the images used could be visible in a tineye search.

Chances are less.

eventually it will need human expertise anyway, but I agree with Dijup, your concern should be whether the design fit your business, of course without any brutal ripoff or legal violation, being inspired and plagiarized are separated by thin line lately :slight_smile: